DiGi Telecommunications Sdn. Bhd. together with Google Malaysia are searching for inspiring mobile internet stories. In their newly launched “What’s Your Internet Story?” campaign, they aim to reach out to the expanding number of Malaysians on the internet to uncover their experiences and how they have benefited from being intertwined online on-the-go with the use of Google products and tools.

The winning stories of which two are chosen, will be features in a television commercial to be shared with other Malaysians as a way to inspire them, with each contributor winning RM5,000 in cash. Meanwhile, all ten finalist will garner a chance to take part in an experiential learning programme hosted by DiGi and Google Malaysia to gain deeper understanding of their culture, innovation and products.

Speaking in conjunction with the launch of the campaign, Christian Thrane, DiGi’s Chief Marketing Officer said, “Every day we enable internet services for millions of customers. Access to mobile internet has empowered many individuals and helped them transform their lives through access to knowledge, financial inclusion, and affordable and accessible healthcare services, among many other things. Opportunities abound with having internet on the go, and they present meaningful moments and experiences for each user.”

Christian Thrane, DiGi’s Chief Marketing Officer

Christian Thrane, DiGi’s Chief Marketing Officer

“We are looking for a varied collection of mobile internet anecdotes. It could be an example of a life-changing moment or a routine activity with deep, meaningful impact to one’s daily life. There are many inspiring stories out there and we’d like to encourage all Malaysians to pitch in and share theirs,” added Thrane.

So how do you share your story? First you have to log on to to www.digi.com.my/yourinternetstory, and sign in with your Google+ account or your personal email, then share your story in writing. Submissions will be open to all Malaysians from now until 24 June 2014.

Each story must be original and it is highly encouraged to even provide multiple entries. Participants may even share stories of family and friends as long as they have obtained permission from the said person and be given credit where credit is due.

For each submission, participants will need to:

  1. Articulate how they have benefitted from the use of the internet on the go, and elaborate how it has changed their lives and/or enhanced their lifestyles
  2. Within the story, clearly state Google products and tools, and describe how they were used
  3. Finally, participants are required to pin their location


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Google products and tools include Google Search, Google Translate, YouTube, Gmail, Waze, Google+, Google Hangout, Google Drive, Google Maps and Google Earth.

The selected entries will be judged based on originality, story relevance, how the use of the internet and Google products have been optimized, impact to the lives of the writer and the people around them and the emotional impact of the story. The judges from DiGi and Google Malaysia will shortlist ten finalist and select two winners after the closing date.