By now, you’ve probably heard about MSI’s latest lineup of  new generation gaming motherboards. While the wait might take a while, MSI, the motherboard conglomerate would be pleased to announce their “Just Game ” campaign, created for consumers to stand a chance to win exclusive gaming graphics cards and accessories.


So what does one have to do to get a piece of this gaming pie? Well first, you would need to sign up at the event page with the required information between 29 of April to 25 May. After that, you will have to buy an MSI’s new generation of motherboards between 11 May and 3o June. Finally, register your serial number and invoice between 11 May and 6 July.


When you have done all these steps, you will have a chance to win a SteelSeries gaming headset, a SteelSeries gaming mouse, a Tt eSports keybopard or even MSI’s flagship graphics card. The winners will be announced on 14 July 2014.