What does it take to keep your application running?

Despite reports that bitcoin is the next mobile payment platform, Apple recently lost interest in Blockchain app and shuts it down from its marketplace without further explanation. For two years, the bitcoin app was able to gather 120,000 downloads, which made it one of the most popular platforms for businesses and people to transact bitcoins. But, on 5 February, Apple removed it from its App Store due to rumors that they’re planning to develop their own mobile payment system. A {spokesperson from Blockchain} said, “these actions by Apple once again demonstrate the anti-competitive and capricious nature of the App Store policies that are clearly focused on preserving Apple’s monopoly on payments rather than based on any consideration of the needs and desires of their users.” After a week, another more popular application disappeared from the app market leaving the following question on everyone’s mind: What’s happening to the app industry?

After Blockchain, goodbye Flappy Bird
Recently, another popular game application was killed off due to unexplained reasons. Flappy Bird, a game where you need to keep a bird flying until it passes various tubes, was taken off the market by its Vietnamese creator Dong Nguyen a week after the mysterious disappearance of Blockchain. The app was downloaded over 50 million times, earning $50,000 a day. Various reports have already surfaced relating to the developer’s inability to handle stress, Nintendo’s plan to purchase the game, and Nguyen’s incapacity to produce an update for the game. Dong Nguyen on his Twitter page ({@dongatory}) said, “it is not anything related to legal issues. I just cannot keep it anymore.”

Whatever it is that made Apple kill off Blockchain in their market and Flappy Bird owner shut down its app forever, only the developers and app market owners know. But, one thing is clear – app development is saturated and it takes brilliant, competitive, and creative app developers to keep their creations alive.

What does it take to stay?
If you feel you will not falter like Dong Nguyen after receiving various demands for his very addictive Flappy Bird app, then here are some tips that might help you stay afloat in the competitive market:


1. Continuous promotion is a must

    • Whether your application is newly launched or has been on the market for a couple of years, it’s still necessary to promote it online. You can start with your own social media accounts using pertinent hashtag (#) keywords for easier search. An example is the Partypoker app for Android and iOS, where it was consistently promoted, even by various poker fans and websites, for it was one of the first to offer mobile poker. The common hashtag they utilize for easy search are #poker, #app, and #party.
    • Partypoker on Twitter ([@partypoker]) also seek assistance from their followers to tell them what they think of their all new mobile app. This method allows the company to collate all information to better their application on their next update.

2. Make sure you have a team

    • It takes two to tango. And, this is also apparent in this industry where success leads to more tasks and demand. The moment that you get a strong following, start recruiting trustworthy people to join your team and help you out with updates for the app. If recruiting more than one is too much, perhaps you can follow the Steve-to-Steve approach. Patterned next to Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak’s successful partnership, you can hire a partner who will help you in most of your tasks. You can also agree to co-ownership.

3. Learn from your downfalls

    • Nothing in life comes easy. You have to be prepared for challenges that may come while on your road to success. The first step is gathering data through reviews from experts and users of the apps. Remember that the most important feedback is those from your app users. Fix all the necessary problems such as loading time too long, page not showing, etc. Don’t lose hope immediately just because you failed once. The true key to success is trial and error.

No matter how saturated the market can be for mobile applications, all it takes is a brave heart with the right motives to produce a creative, helpful, and addictive app that can surpass all the challenges of a competitive industry. What do you like most about your favorite application? Feel free to share your input below.

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