• Chipset: NVIDIA GeForce GTX780
  • Core Clock: 980MHz
  • Memory Size: 3GB DDR5
  • Pros:
  • The most powerful NVIDIA card in the market right now
  • Cons:
  • Expensive

A Powerful And Impressive Force Of Nature

The gloves are off as MSI has finally taken the lid off their flagship NVIDIA graphics card, the MSI GTX 780 Lightning, featuring the NVIDIA GTX 780 GPU and the TwinFrozr IV cooling system, and overclocked cores out of the box.

Right off the bat, upon unboxing the card, we notice that the 780 is as heavy, if not heavier than the NVIDIA GTX Titan. This is in part thanks to the bulky TwinFrozr IV cooling system, which not only features three fans, but also a huge cooler and a GPU reactor that requires three slots in the expansion bay of your casing to install, and easily at least 12.5-inches of horizontal space, which most of today’s mid-tower chassis should provide.
Connectivity-wise, the GTX 780 Lightning features two DVI ports, one HDMI and one display port, and for those who are looking at building a multi-GPU PC with it, it also supports triple-SLI configuration. Two 8-pin PCIe power pins are required to power up this beast, and thankfully the plugs are located at a position where they are easy to access.

When running our benchmarks, especially the Unigine Heaven, we noticed that even during high and full loads, the GTX 780 Lightning was chugging along very silently. Whilst it’s true that a lot of NVIDIA cards are silent performers, we were quite surprised that the GTX 780 Lightning was just as silent, despite its bulk.

Speaking of benchmarks, the GTX 780 Lightning scored well, and averaged around 75 to 80 frames per second, which is astounding as most of the time, even the high end cards average around 60fps, which is more than decent by most standards. Easy to say this graphics card is capable of crushing all previous, current and even upcoming games that will be coming to the PC market in the near future

CHIP CONCLUDE: There is no doubt that the MSI GTX 780 Lightning is only for serious gamers who demand only the best from their gaming PCs. Raw power aside, this graphics monster is also silent, something that enthusiasts will surely appreciate, as there’s nothing worse than a noisy PC when you’re busy fragging.

(previously published in issue October 2013)

 MSI GTX 780 Lightning