Last Saturday, MSI Malaysia held a little gamers gathering for their Facebook fans. This was MSI’s way of showing their appreciation for the support their fans have provided them with throughout the years and also as a means to get to know their fans better. Besides just letting their fans compete against each other in DOTA 2, MSI also took the time to showcase and introduce their fans to their latest range of gaming notebooks. A gathering also wouldn’t be complete without games and giveaways, which is why MSI awarded their proactive fans with SteelSeries gaming accessories such as keyboards, mice and the limited edition MSI Dragoon headphones. For those of you who missed out on the event, don’t worry as MSI expects to have more of these events throughout the year.


Fans who attended the event could try out the many different gaming laptops MSI has to offer


Other than just playing against each other, those who participated in the event could also go up against or team up with DOTA 2 pros from the DuskBin team


Displayed here are the SteelSeries prizes that were given away during the event. Some of the more lucky ones even got to walk away with the very limited Dragoon edition Siberia headsets


Throughout the day, gamers got to showcase their skills against each other peacefully, away from the constant grumblings of their parents