• Operating System: Android 4.1 (Jellybean)Processor: 1.2GHz dual core processor
  • Frequency: HSDPA 2100 / 900 EDGE / GPRS / GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900
  • Screen: 5-inch WVGA TFT LCD
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB2.0, Wi-Fi, 3.5mm audio
  • Others: 8-megapixels auto focus camera with LED flash
  • Dimensions: 77 x 143.7 x 9.6mm
  • Weight: 162g
  • Pros:
  • Great performances
  • Dual-SIM support
  • Packed with features
  • Cons:
  • Lower-res screen
  • Battery life could be better

The Grandness Of A GALAXY

The Samsung GALAXY Grand sits in that segment that caters towards people looking for large-screen smartphones, but not exactly planning to fork the cash for it. Look at it in that sense, it’s easy to dismiss the Grand as something of a dumbed-down entry, but you’ll be surprised at what this more affordable, larger-than-life smartphone has to offer.

It’s easy to confuse the GALAXY Grand’s aesthetics with the GALAXY S 3. The 5-inch smartphone features similar rounded edges and a simple-sleek look. Even the button placements are the same, with the home button below the screen, volume toggles at the left and power button on the other side. It looks good, and is notably a little heavier than the S 3.

The build quality feels like it can rival the S 3, though you’ll know that certain parts have to be sacrificed for the sake of affordability. Instead of AMOLED, the Grand’s screen is a WVGA TFT LCD one. While the brightness and vibrancy is decent, the lower resolution on a 5-inch estate is stretching it pretty far. But if you’re not one for details, this isn’t much of an issue.

The phone is powered by a 1.2GHz dual core processor with 1GB of RAM, which does offer really speedy performances on the Grand. Pages swipe past smoothly and it runs pretty much everything we threw at it with no issues. In fact, most everything here works incredibly well – the audio is loud, and the camera is fast and takes good pictures. The battery life could be better, though; it saps out pretty quickly, no doubt due to its large screen.

That alone could’ve made the Grand quite worth its price, but the device offers a little extra. For one, it features dual-SIM support, letting you use two phone networks at the same time, and it’s easy to toggle between SIMs for their respective usages. Secondly, the phone supports the nifty Multi Window feature from the Note II. Nice!

CHIP CONCLUDE: There is much grandness in the Samsung GALAXY Grand. While the lower-res screen is a slight disappointment, this more affordable 5-inch device is nicely made, sufficiently powerful and comes packed with features and functionality that its higher-end brothers have.

(previously published in issue May 2012)