• Size: 120mm x 25mm
  • Operating Voltage: 7V – 12V
  • Airflow: 62.74 CFM
  • Speed: 2350 RPM
  • Pros:
  • Silent
  • Cools very well
  • Consumes little power
  • Voltage stepdown adapter
  • Cons:
  • None

Cool And Quiet

PC cooling is often one of the few things that is taken for granted by newbie PC builders and those looking to buy a new computer. While the standard fans will be good for the first few months, you will be wishing for better cooling options down the road. And Corsair may have just the thing for you.

You may think that it’s weird that we’d be reviewing chassis fans, but all things considered, we think it’s always good to know what your options are, especially if you’re planning to build a computer up from scratch. Corsair’s SP120 High Performance Edition is one of the company’s latest in PC air cooling, and it is 120mm in diameter and has seven large blades to push hot air out of your casing, and cool air inside.

Do take note that the fan can only fit in a chassis that supports 120mm fans, though, so be careful before you get it.

Powering the CP120 requires a simple 3-pin socket, and if the manufacturing notes from the box are to be believed, eats up less than a watt of electricity, which makes it a very low-powered accessory to have.

On top of that, the SP120 has a voltage stepdown adapter so that the fan speeds can be reduced and increased as needed. There are also three colored rings in red, blue and white that can be changed to suit the color scheme of your PC chassis.

It may look cool, but is it really capable of cooling well? In our test, the SP120 certainly a great job at keeping the chassis cool. We rigged it up in a chassis running Intel Core i7 with a stock cooler, and the system does show a markedly lower temperature compared to a standard fan.

In terms of sound, the SP120 runs quietly even at full speed. The noise is barely audible when you’re near the chassis, and even when you put your ears next to the fan, the sound isn’t really all that loud. This is fantastic, especially for gamers or folks like us who tend to leave our systems on overnight.

CHIP CONCLUDE: With the right components, the Corsair SP120 fans can actually be used for both the PC chassis and also the CPU cooler. However for the latter you’ll require specific Corsair CPU coolers that will be able to fit 120mm fans.

(previously published in issue November 2012)