• 1,200 dpi print resolution
  • Laser printer
  • 4,800 dpi (Enhanced) copy resolution
  • 150 sheets feeder capacity
  • Pros:
  • Easy to set up WiFi feature
  • Easy Eco Driver
  • Cons:
  • Lack of auto duplex printing feature

More Than Just Black And White

Printers are the life and blood of any work organization, and given that offices now are mostly equipped with Wi-Fi, it’s only natural that printers too follow the natural progression of things. The Samsung SCX-3405FW monochrome printer might really just right in.

The Samsung SCX-3405FW is a multifunction printer. The SCX-3405FW’s front-loading paper feeder is capable of holding up to 150 pieces of paper. In our test, the printer manages printing of up to 20 pages per minute, with a first page out of about eight to ten seconds. As a laser printer, this is actually quite a speedy device, and that’s not all it’s good at.

The scanner for instance is capable of scanning documents up to 600dpi via its optical scanner, but using Samsung’s built in software, this number can go way up to 4,800dpi. When it comes to copying, the SCX-3405FW is capable of churning out about 20 copies a minute, with a first time out of close to 15 seconds.

Another big feature of the SCX-3405FW is its one-touch wireless connection. Connecting the printer to the office network is as easy as pressing the WPS button on your office router, and doing the same on the printer. This eliminates the need to key in passwords just to get the printer connected to the network. This also makes the printer share-able across all PCs that are connected to the network, and lessens the need to own so many printers.

The SCX-3405FW’s raison d’etre however, in our opinion has got to be the Easy Eco Driver feature. Using this feature, users can reduce the usage of toner, reducing a company’s carbon footprint in the long run. This is done by printing draft copies, users being able to opt out images or text when they print documents, not only reducing toner usage, but also cost, energy and paper in the long run.

It is a shame, however that the SCX-3405FW is not capable of automatic duplex printing, which would have made the printer a clear winner in our books.

CHIP CONCLUDE: The Samsung SCX-3405FW monochrome multifunction printer is a good example of marrying good features with great performance and overall accessibility. Easy Wi-Fi connection, a simple enough to navigate set of features and an Eco mode that truly saves cost is the way to go.

(previously published in issue July 2012)