Samsung have just unveiled their latest SMART compact system cameras in Malaysia. The Samsung NX1000, NX210 and NX20 is now available here and now, fresh off their initial launch in Beijing back in April.

The photographer in you be excited in this, particularly their built-in Wi-Fi capabilities, available on all three models. This easy-to-connect system allows the camera to share images on popular social networks, email photos or even turn a smartphone into a remote viewfinder.

All three cameras houses a 20.3-megapixels CMOS sensor, along with Samsung’s proprietary i-Function system. And aside from a few notable features, all three cameras differ in design and function. The NX1000 is trendier and more affordable, while the NX210 sports a more premium body and a 3-inch AMOLED display. The NX20 belongs to a professional’s hand, offering a 3-inch AMOLED swivel screen, 1/8000 shutter speeds and a built-in electronic viewfinder.

The Samsung NX1000, NX210 and NX2o prices at RM2,499, RM2,899 and RM3,499 respectively. More on our main coverage on our August 2012 issue!