We’re right here at the BlackBerry World Conference 2012, happening at Orlando at this very moment. What went down this morning here is the big unveiling of the Blackberry 10 platform that’s been calling up its own limelight recently. Described as a new mobile computing platform (as opposed to, say, simply a new OS), the BlackBerry 10 is offering a slew of new features and a brand new way of experiencing the BlackBerry goodness. What we saw over a quick demo of the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha unit:

1) A “flow” philosophy in navigation, where background-running apps can be seen by gesturing/swiping the current screen.

2) The camera has a feature to literally reverse time (of the photo) you’ve taken, so you can avoid having missed opportunities or help solve that ever-aggravating problem of taking someone’s picture with their eyes closed.

3) The on-screen touch keyboard will adapt to your typing style and supports gesture controls, letting you toss suggested letters into the message body.

You can get a sneak-preview of these features at this video right here:  http://bbry.lv/BlackBerry10Video

Look forward to our full coverage in the coming June issue. For now, check into our Twitter feed, which we’ll keep constantly updated with new developments.